Companies, which create PowerPoint presentations on a regular basis, know the problem: stringent design templates are not always easy to implement and lengthen the process of designing a presentation. PowerPoint holds a useful feature to facilitate the creation of your projects – the slide master.

With the help of a master slide, which is superior to all the other slides, you can easily create a consistent design which can be adopted to each PowerPoint presentation. This allows you to build a stringent slide design and enlarge your professionalism. By choosing the ‘View’ tab and clicking ‘Slide Master’ under ‘Presentation Views’ you open the slide master. You should do this in the beginning of your build process so that your PPT template can be adjusted to your specific design. Of course you can still adjust your slide master afterwards.

The slide master allows you to choose your font for your headlines and text bodies, your background and your color scheme. You can even integrate a logo into your PowerPoint design. Take a look around all the functions the slide master holds and create your individual PPT template.

Of course you can make your design available for other presentations. To do so you simply choose ‘Layout’ and ‘Designs’. Then you click on ”Save current design’. Now you can name your PowerPoint design and save it. The following presentations will be created with your specific design.

You only need some clicks to compose your professional PowerPoint design, which guarantees you consistent presentations and a higher level of professionalism. Profit from this helpful feature and easily create your individual PPT template.