We improve your existing PowerPoint presentation to give it a professional touch and take it to the next level. While we optimize your project in terms of graphics and logos, you control the deadline and budget. We revise your PowerPoint presentation to make the most of your project and create a stunning and professional design.

If you already have a finished PowerPoint presentation, we will of course be happy to revise it and give it the final polish.

You can choose between different aspects that we should work on:

We offer professionally edited PowerPoint presentations

It goes without saying that when you revise your PowerPoint presentation, you not only determine the deadline, but also the available budget. Here is a detailed look at our services:

  • Unification of colors
  • Improvement of fonts and sizes

  • Realization of animations

  • Integration of graphics in new design templates that correspond to your corporate design

  • Editing graphics and diagrams

  • Image research and editing

  • Realization of other forms of representation / chart alternatives

  • Improvement of graphics that are not printable

  • Improvement of templates, file sizes and print settings

  • Integration of files (Multi Media)

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