The depiction of complex issues or topics often needs a closer illustration with the help of a presentation. The success of this presentation is based on the way of presenting. If you choose the wrong kind of presentation you will take the risk of comprehension problems. Therefore, you should think about the right way of presenting your work beforehand.

Lecture Or Poster?

The simplest way of presenting is holding a lecture. To do so, you prepare file cards which are prepared with key words to form a common theme. It is important that you try to speak freely and make use of a certain rhetoric. This will make the lecture more vivid and interesting for your audience. Be aware of the fact that a simple lecture sometimes might be hard to follow because of missing visualizations.

Therefore, collages or posters are good ways of visualizing the topic treated. An advantage of making use of these methods surely is the structure and the compression of the facts. A good poster does not only show short key notes, which summarize the presentation, it even includes pictures and graphs which contribute to a better understanding. Additionally, it is very useful that you can hang up your poster, so the audience can have a look at it even after the presentation has ended.

A common tool for presenting, especially in companies, is the flip chart. Here you can make notes or draw schemes synchronously to your lecture. It is a simple and secures method which allows the audience an overview on the whole presentation.

Technological Ways Of Presenting

Additionally, there is of course the possibility of making use of an overhead projector. This, by now a little old-fashioned method, is detached due to technological progress. When it comes to multimedia presentations you have various possibilities of creating your lecture. Pictures, graphs or videos and sound, all can be included in a multimedia presentation to contribute to the comprehension.

The latest and most efficient kind of multimedia presentations is the PowerPoint presentation. Due to the division in slides your presentation is well-structured and you have total freedom in creating your presentation. With the help of your computer you can browse through your slides which make you more flexible and give you more space for your creativity. Furthermore, you have the chance of implementing graphs, pictures and videos.

All in all one can say that the old-fashioned ways of presenting are slowly substituted by technological innovations. More frequently tablets or whiteboards are used for an interactive depiction that gives the lecturer absolute freedom when it comes to creation or presentation.

Finally, choosing the right way of presenting your work is essential for the success of your presentation. If you make use of too less tools for a complex topic you risk comprehension problems. But if you use too many tools which outweigh the complexity of your treated subject you will make your presentation inefficient due to overstimulation. Therefore, weigh up the pros and cons of your chosen way of presenting to make your presentation a successful one.